Silver Spades Founder AZE Works With Method Man, Street Life and Havoc on “SQUAD UP” The Official Song of the New York Yankees

Posted: Aug 11, 2020

Our founder AZE has seriously knocked the ball out of the park with his new video for the 2020 Official Song of the New York Yankees, “SQUAD UP”

“SQUAD UP” is an instant Wu Tang classic and can be found on their upcoming album dropping this Fall.  In the meantime, check out the SIlver Spades crafted promo video below:

Before the album is released, a full line of apparel based on the “Squad Up” single has dropped. The products are available via the StreetLifeWu and Distrolord websites.

Representing the Vancouver Rap Community, AZE from Silver Spades Loves These Global Collaborations

“Working with a complete legend like Method Man was a huge honour. Growing up I never figured that my life would cross paths with him in any way so this was a huge moment” says our SIlver Spades Founder, AZE about the collaboration.

Screen capture from the Squad Up video

“Everyone who was a part of this project was incredibly talented”, AZE went on to explain his appreciation of the talents of Havoc and Streetlife and their contributions to making “SQUAD UP” the killer song that it is.

“We Are Just Getting Started” Is What AZE Had to Say About his Vancouver Rap Music Video Brand, Silver Spades

“Rap music videos are my passion and this collaboration just further solidifies my ambition to make the most creative music videos in the Vancouver area, and further global collaborations are already in the works.  Stay tuned”.

To read more about the project, check out the article about the project on Source Sports.

The Silver Spades YouTube community is growing.  Come be a part of it here: